Tourist Visa for Thailand

Visiting Thailand you would be best served if you have a tourist visa before you arrive in Thailand. The visa on arrival over the years have changed in Thailand. Before when crossing the land borders in Thailand you used to get 30 days entry into Thailand if you country was listed by Thai immigration’s list. Since then this list for visas on arrival has moved to being – arrival by airplane in Thailand only and those crossing a land border would only get 15 days stay.

Many do not know that these rules have changed over the years and still expect 30 days when they cross a land border and this may shorten their visit to Thailand. Before you leave for Thailand it is always best to obtain a tourist visa for Thailand from the Thai embassy in your country of origin. This visa when you enter Thailand by land or air will allow you to stay in Thailand for 60 days. Just before the 60 days lapse you need to go to Thai immigration and they will extend this visa for another 30 days at the cost of 1,900 THB. It can be extended again for 1,900 THB but only for 7 days.

If you are going to seek work or start a business in Thailand then this visa is not for you. It takes on average 2 months to convert this visa if you wish to apply for a work permit in Thailand and it is best to leave the country and return with the correct visa. If you are married to a Thai then you are best served by applying for a marriage visa or if you are older than 50 you can apply for a retirement visa in Thailand. Marriage and the retirement visa for Thailand are much better than a tourist visa if you are staying in Thailand long term.

The tourist visa is for the purposes of tourism and is very limited. As stated if you find employment, get married or decide to stay longer in Thailand then the tourist visa is not the way to go. You can apply for a multiple entry tourist visa but this is now limited mainly to a double entry tourist visa. With this visa you get 60 days when you enter Thailand. You can then extend this visa at Thai immigration for 30 days. Right before this expires you leave the country and come back the same day and you have another 60 days stay in Thailand with the additional 30 days extra from another extension. The visa being the double entry visa is the same as having 2 tourist visas in your passport.

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