Retirement Visa for Thailand

Many decide to retire in Thailand and are looking at a Retirement Visa for Thailand once they reach 50 years of age. There are a number of documents that would be needed and if you are married to a Thai citizen you can also apply for a marriage visa for Thailand where the documents needed are less and the requirements much lower. We will list the requirements for retirement in Thailand as follows.

The Thai retirement visa is also known as the “O-A” visa. In order to apply for this visa you need to be older than 50 years of age at the date of application. The following is the requirements for the retirement visa which needs to be met for an extension as the initial visa is only valid for 90 days when you enter Thailand.


  • – Copy of your passport (face page);
  • – Completed application form;


Once this visa has been issued it is valid for 3 months and you need to extend this visa at Thai immigration in Thailand for 1 year. The requirements need to be met as these conditions are as follows. Always check with a Thai immigration lawyer in Thailand as the application can be difficult if you have a DUI against your name. The immigration lawyer can normally explain this to Thai immigration. The requirements are as follows:


  • – Copy of your passport (face page);
  • – Copy of your application form;
  • – Copy of your bank book showing 800,000 THB; or
  • – Copy of your income proof showing 65,000THB per month;
  • – Copy of a police criminal clearance certificate;
  • – Copy of a medical certificate.


DUI is a bit of a tricky issue in Thailand so if you do have a DUI it is best to speak to a lawyer about it. Also the medical certificate needs to show that you do not have a transmittable disease. Speak to a lawyer today for more information and assistance. You can call us toll-free or you can walk into any of our offices in Thailand for immigration assistance. With Thailand having a low cost of living, safe and best of all first world medical facilities retirement in Thailand is becoming more common for many Europeans who view Spain as being to high cost.

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